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Injury Management

Repair, heal & strengthen…naturally

Diet Concerns

Actively exercising individuals, athletes, and those going through injury rehabilitation require higher amounts of food-derived anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. The modern diet is high in food-derived chemicals that impair nutrient absorption and high in foods that promote inflammation. Combined with the impact of modern farming practices, such as nutrient poor soil and long food to counter transit times, the modern athlete struggles to consume adequate amounts of vital antioxi-dants and anti-inflammatories from food sources.

Recovery & Rehab

Normal muscle and tendon damage during exercise ultimately leads to positive adaptations in both strength and performance – this is a natural response. Positive adaptation to exercise training is contingent upon resolution of the inflammation that coincides with tissue damage. Over use injuries occur when this inflammation continues unresolved. The timely resolution of this inflammation between exercise sessions is key to recovery, training progression, and inevitably successful competition. The RecoverRx-2 formula contains a collection of research supported herb, spice, enzyme, and vitamin ingredients that act.

Aches, Pains & Injury

Inflammation, muscle and connective tissue damage under lie exercise-induced, delayed onset muscle soreness. Painful inflammatory conditions, like tendonitis, are characterized by the combination of repetitive tissue injury with insufficient tissue repair and remodeling. Complete repair of damaged tissues requires the resolution of pro-inflammatory cellular signals and utilizes large amounts of antioxidants.

Natural, plant derived ingredients have documented anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant benefits that aid in healing via repair of damaged tissues. These include:

  • turmeric (spice, source of curcumim)
  • quercetin (plant pigment in fruit, vegetables, leaves & grains)
  • ginger (spice)
  • White Willow (plant extract)
  • green tea ( tea/spice)
  • boswellia (herb)
  • cayenne (pepper)
  • bromelain & papain (food derived enzymes)

Scientific evidence supports the use of these compounds to decrease reliance on over the counter and prescription strength medications.

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