NutraSport offers a free screening assessment and three levels of health, nutrition and medication assessment and consultation to suit your needs, goals and budget.

NutraSport Consultation

Screening & Assessment (available by phone)

This service provides you with the opportunity to schedule a 15-20 minute phone call to discuss your questions, issues and goals with Dr. Shumake. The following is a list of typical questions we address during phone screenings and assessments:

  • "I am starting an exercise/training program and want to make sure I am eating the right kind of diet to achieve my goals."
  • "I am a competitive athlete and I am not achieving my performance goals. I'd like to have someone assess my diet and nutritional supplementation."
  • "I am taking nutritional supplements but not sure if they are the right choice or how much I should be taking."
  • "I have problems with nagging injuries and soreness from exercising/training and I am concerned about some of the medicine I am taking to deal with the pain."
  • "I am recovering from a sports injury/surgery and want to do everything possible to heal and recover quickly so I can resume exercising/training/competition".

Dr. Shumake will discuss these types of inquiries with you, provide expert feedback and evaluate if a Level I, Level II or Level III assessment and consultation may be beneficial.

COST: Free of charge.

Level I Assessment (available by phone or on-site)

This service is an affordable opportunity for you to have your health status and exercise/activity/competition goals reviewed and evaluated. The Level I Assessment consists of a 60 minute interview (in person or over the phone) after obtaining initial information through a brief health inventory survey and a statement outlining your workouts and performance goals. The following are some typical examples of a Level I Assessment:

  • A competition cyclist wants an evaluation of their training program for races, if they are eating properly and purchasing the right nutritional supplement products.
  • 16 year old club soccer player is continually dealing with nagging injuries and soreness. Parents want to find out what they can do safely and effectively.
  • 45 year old individual has decided to run a 10K for the first time in their life and wants to begin training safely and effectively.

COST: $125

Level II Assessment & Testing (available on-site)

This service consists of the intitial steps of the Level I Assessment with a 90 minute in-person interview and includes a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) performed by our registered nurse/clinical nutritionist. The BIA is non-invasive procedure that provides data regarding cellular hydration, percentage of total body fat, amount of lean mass or muscle, toxicity and inflammation potential. These trends guide recommendations and programs for dietary changes and nutritional supplementation. Below are typical Level II Assessments:

  • For endurance athletes, the BIA allows us to monitor the degree of hydration inside & outside the cells. This infers how well the cells “breath”, taking in oxygen & nutrients, and expelling waste materials; directly related to endurance & fatigue factor.

COST: $200

Level III Assessment, Testing & Program Development

This service consists of the steps found in the Level I and Level II Assessments and includes a structured schedule of appointments established to achieve your goals. The Level III Program Development is conducted and monitored by our registered nurse/clinical nutritionist

COST: Fees are determined prior to initial interview and consultations.