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NutraSport is a division of VitaScript, a custom formulation and compounding pharmacy. Compounding pharmacists are the "problem solvers" of the pharmaceutical industry. We are part of an essential triad in which the patient, practitioner, and pharmacist work together to ensure optimal therapeutic outcome as well as patient compliance. We consult with both parties so we understand the goals and parameters of the treatment protocols as prescribed by the physician, and the special needs and preferences of the patient.
Patient allergies or sensitivities

Most commercial products contain unnecessary flavors, binding agents, fillers, preservatives and/or dyes. Common allergens, such as soy or gluten, may not be clearly identified on commercial product labels. At our pharmacy, we chose ingredients that are hypoallergenic, avoiding excess coloring agents, preservatives and petro-chemicals. We offer vegetarian-friendly encapsulations and use bioactive fillers.

Medications that are not commercially available

We can often compound medications that are not found on the market. We can re-create medications that are no longer manufactured, or alter current products. Most medicine is only marketed in fixed strengths, which may not be appropriate for everyone. After consulting with the physician, we can adjust medications so the dose is neither too small so that it's ineffective, nor too large so that it causes adverse effects. This is especially important in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, because balancing hormone levels is such a delicate and patient specific endeavor.

Unique dosage forms and flavorings

Some patients (especially pediatric and geriatric patients) have trouble swallowing tablets or capsules. We offer many types of preparations, such as transdermal creams, troches, and suppositories that allow these patients options so they may take their medicine. Our pediatric patients also appreciate our medicated gummy bears and lollipops, and our wide assortment of flavorings that can mask bad tasting medication. Veterinary patients may also resist orally dosed preparations. We can prepare the medication in the form of a transdermal cream that can be rubbed into the ear of a cat or dog, or in the form of a flavored treat to match the particular tastes of your pet (beef or liver for dogs, fish or chicken for cats or even tutti-frutti for birds).